Keith McCloskey

The author (Hungerford, England)

“I am a UK-based historical researcher, aviation historian and published author. Additionally, I have also acted as a consultant to related programmes on television (Discovery Science Channel, National Geographic Channel and the BBC) …”


Sergey Tsyganov

The Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation (Reutov, Russia)

“The photoartist Mikhail Petrov’s creative art is multidimensional. There is the author’s vision of the composition and the plot in his landscapes representing salty lake and mountains. His landscapes express the essence …”


Xenia Yakovleva

The actress (Moscow, Russia)

“You know, I’ve been photographed by quite a lot of photographers, and I rarely work with people who shoot mostly landscapes. I have worked with Mikhail several times and I can say with confidence that he is not only a wonderful landscape painter, but also an excellent portraitist …”