«The photoartist Mikhail Petrov’s creative art is multidimensional.

There is the author’s vision of the composition and the plot in his landscapes representing salty lake and mountains. His landscapes express the essence, which is the state of the seasons. The first, the second and the third planes in his landscapes create the space depth and lyrical mood. Contemplation is the main rod of his landscapes. This is contemplation in the landscape, which makes the viewer conduct a dialogue with his works.

Получайте наслаждение от каждой минуты! Исполняйте свои мечты, достигайте своих целей и не забывайте дарить максимум заботы и тепла своим близким. Пусть каждый день будет наполнен приятными и вкусными моментами!

Black and white photos generate the nostalgic mood about the past. Color photos demonstrate us today’s reality.

I would like to wish the author every future success in his creative art, discovering new issues and creating new works in the art of photography.»