The Russian actress (Moscow, Russia)

Selected filmography:

 — Going Vertical (2017)

 — Means from separation (2015)

 — Fight (2012)

 — Moscow. Three train stations (2011)

 — The capital of sin (2010)

«You know, I’ve been photographed by quite a lot of photographers, and I rarely work with people who shoot mostly landscapes.
I have worked with Mikhail several times and I can say with confidence that he is not only a wonderful landscape painter, but also an excellent portraitist.
Mikhail perfectly feels the composition, sees light and, most importantly, shadows! In addition, I believe one of his main strengths is the fact that he is constantly improving in his craftsmanship. During the time that I have worked and communicated with him, I saw considerable progress — this is worthy of respect.
It is very comfortable to work with, it gives freedom on one hand, and on the other hand it can always be asked to stop and freeze to bring the frame to perfection.
Mikhail is a wonderful professional and a wonderful person.»