Nikolay Topnikoff

Stage director, presenter (Moscow, Russia)

An article on the director’s workе (rus)

Participated in the organization and implementation of the following events:

 – Concerts and festivals with the participation of such musical groups as: DDT, Bi-2, Neschastny Sluchai, Konets Filma, Masha and the Bears, Two Siberians, as well as performers: Yuri Naumov, Mikhail Bashakov, Pelageya, Dmitry Maloletov, Umka, Kirill Komarov, Inna Zhelannaya, Yulia Teunikova and others.
 – Festivals of creativity of The Beatles group “Back in USSR”, in memory of Viktor Tsoi and Vladimir Vysotsky
 – City holidays within the framework of Victory Day, City Day, New Years, Christmas, Easter, National Unity Day, etc.

And others.

«I have repeatedly worked with Mikhail Petrov at cultural events of various types and scales.

Each time I was pleased to note the excellent quality of reportage photographs taken by a real master.

In these photographs, one can invariably feel the colossal experience of the photographer and the creative approach to each individual picture.

The photographer’s talent is manifested in the ability to capture and capture a unique moment, to convey the vivid emotions of the audience and artists, to capture the most spectacular moments of the show program.

I am always glad to meet and work with this wonderful person and a high professional in his field!»